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A Note On Self Love

A Note On Self Love

Hi You,

This is a loving reminder to check in with your intentions as you browse. I know from personal experience just how hard it can be to shop for new clothes without steering into a world of insecurities. Here at Artista Rose we are in the business of self-adornment not “fixing”. We feel honored and privileged to aid in your self-expression and be simply a resource for your creativity. No pair of jeans (not even Artista Jeans) will change who you are and we wouldn’t want them to.

The world of fashion can be a harsh and ridiculing place, fraught with directed marketing to keep us locked into self-doubt. It can be challenging to maintain our sense of self, and our artistic preferences and rid ourselves of other people's opinions. So please remember that you are enough just as you are. At every stage of your personal growth, you are inherently spectacular.

Thank you for being YOU!




|Model and loving friend Romina|

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