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Artista Rose

Aurora Wrap Dress - Earthy Brown


The Aurora Dress was created with tailored elegance and sustainability at it's heart. We wanted to make a piece that flows naturally while bringing out the natural artist in all of us. 

Made with dead-stock fabric (excess fabric saved from bigger companies instead of going to the landfill). What makes dead-stock fabric so beautiful is its limited supply, making each piece inherently rare. Once sold we may never be able to find more of that particular fabric and therefore make another dress like it. We like to think we are making pieces that are as special and one of a kind as the people who wear them.

Simple and Sustainable Designs- For the Natural Artist 

This incredible earthy brown fabric is most likely a tencel or cotton, sturdy and drapes beautifully while maintaining strength. 

Due to using dead-stock fabric there are some slight damages, pilling, or marks on some pieces which are included at a discounted price for those of you who want to adorn yourself in Artista Rose but are on a budget.

Model size-XS

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