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Domino Tee

LOOK BOOK NO. 1 Vintage White Domino Tee

Look One

This simple and effective look is very simple to duplicate. The Domino Tee (Vintage White) tied, paired with your favorite high waisted skirt and worn with brown mid ride study boots (used frye harness). Simple jewelry if any.

Look Two

If you like to move around and look effortlessly cute this is the look for you. Short denim overalls, the white domino tee and simple classic sandals (vegan Pons sandals). Hair tied in two pony tails.

Look Three

For the classic adventurer. The white domino tee tucked into dark denim jeans, a brown neck hanker chief, vintage (Alynn Ascura glasses), small black purse (used leather) and worn with white shoes.

The Forest Brown/Green Aurora Dress

Springtime Aurora Dress Styles for the Ultimate Earthy Babe 

Spring has sprung and so has the Aurora dress in all its earthy goodness. The Aurora Dress was designed to be versatile and the perfect "go to" for every season. We broke down four basic and simple looks to wear the Aruora confidently into the season of new begninings. 

LOOK BOOK N0. 2 Forest Brown Aurora Dress styles


This look is obviously the easiest and feels just as good as the rest. The Aurora Dress worn with your favorite earrings, no shoes and your best smile.


Stomp your way right into spring ... sustainably of course. The brown forest green Aurora paired with a beautiful brown/yellow/purple cloth head band and worn with yellow used frye boots with a sturdy kicky heel.


Wistful - This look is fabulous for the the boho business babe. The Aurora dress paired with a green blazer from free people (used), rose beaded earrings, hair tied up and worn with clay colored and wooden clogs.


The coziest of all the earth babe looks. The Aurora dress worn with the clay beaded "Maya" earrings in orange, brown free people wrap teddy jacket (used), and worn with black simple combat boots.

The Sawyer Pant in grey

The perfect Look for Spring

This look is simple and sweet. The grey Sawyer pants, paired with the white domino tee tied up, your favorite yellow or brown bandana, brown thin belt, chunky brown boots and some long beaded earrings.